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Your worth

There was a girl named Nairobi. A happy go lucky sort of girl. Life was going pretty well for her until she entered her teenage. Ok if all people don’t know what happens in teenage, let me give you a brief. There’s a rush of various hormones in the body, different hormonal cycles start, leadingContinue reading “Your worth”

Its ok

It’s ok to feel low sometimes, It’s ok to get high sometimes. It’s ok to laugh loudly sometimes, It’s ok to to shout and cry sometimes. It’s ok that you are so much fat, It’s ok that your body is so flat. It’s ok that you love puppies and dogs, It’s ok that you loveContinue reading “Its ok”

Late night thoughts

It’s late night, still got no sleep. Are these tiny thoughts scrambling my mind? Millions of questions are still left unanswered in a hope that may be tomorrow I’ll find their answer. There are number of things that got a new and fresh start in my life, but so there exist some things that leftContinue reading “Late night thoughts”

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